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Loose Teeth

Teeth becoming loose, this thing generally happens in adults. Kids too have loose teeth but it is not considered as big problem. But if in adult life you have got loose teeth then it is serious. Pain and bleeding gums are also some other symptoms of loose teeth. It is easy to find out loose teeth, as they appear little longer than other teeth. This happens due to the gums that appear separated from the teeth. You will also have some pus formation between your teeth and gums. The mouth will also smell bad. These all are the indications of having loose teeth.

But these are the same signs that point out gum diseases or other teeth diseases. Hence only your dentist can help you to know the real reason behind all your problems. Whatever the problem is, it all originated due to your bad oral hygiene habits. Due to not brushing your teeth properly bacteria starts growing in your teeth and causes cavities and tartar to happen. These are known as periodontal diseases and it damages the teeth and the gums. This may be also one of the main reasons behind getting loose teeth.

How to prevent Loose Teeth:

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the only key to avoid loose teeth. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice in a day. Once in a day floss your teeth, as it removes the bacteria from the places where toothbrush cannot reach. Regular visits to your dentist are also must in order to clean teeth and gums. You should not any ignore even minor injuries to your teeth and gums. Many people tend to ignore the bleeding problem of gums and then in latter stage of their life face many problems like loose teeth.

In order to protect teeth and gums from any kind of diseases, your diet should be well planned. Limit your intake of sugar and other sweet dishes. Chocolates, candies and breath mints can also cause dental problems if taken for prolonged period of time. Your calcium intake should be more, as this will make your teeth strong. Include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. Include fruits juices that are rich source of vitamin C, like lemon juice.

Many youngsters are piercing their tongue or lips in order to look modern. But piercing tongue or lips can invite gum diseases. The area where the piercing has happened is a nice place to hide and grow for bacteria. Soon the bacteria can spread into cheek, gum and teeth. Hence it is best to stay away from tongue piercing and lips piercing. This way you can prevent yourself from getting loose teeth.

You should not ignore loose teeth problem and must check it from your dentist. The loose teeth are an easy hiding place for bacteria, as food easily gets trapped in loose teeth. You will find it difficult to chew your food and will find it painful every time your tongue touches the teeth. If you will not go to dentist on time, then sooner or later the loose teeth will fall out.